Hormone analysis of Hair and Saliva samples for Research

Hair Cortisol analysis

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About Us

We analyse Hair and Saliva samples for hormones and biomarkers, such as cortisol.  Based at Anglia Ruskin University we offer Salimetrics ELISA analysis of Hair and Saliva samples to academia, industry and other researchers.

Established in 2005 in Cambridge, the ARU Biomarker Laboratory holds a UK Human Tissue Authority license and is the only Salimetrics approved centre of excellence for testing in the UK. The laboratory has worked closely with Salimetrics, world leaders in saliva analysis, for a number of years.

We deliver consistent, reliable and high quality results in range of turnaround times to suit your needs. Our reliability is grounded in our highly qualified and professional team, which has 15 years’ experience in saliva and hair collection and analysis, and our automated, high-throughput liquid handling systems.  We specialise in supporting researchers who have not worked with hair or saliva samples before. Advice and information are available from study planning, ethics, sample collection and shipping to data analysis at no extra cost from our knowledgeable scientists.

Our team are also actively engaged in academic research, teaching and collaborations please contact us to discuss opportunities.  Some of our latest work can be found “In The News“. Contact Anglia Ruskin Biomarker Laboratory via our contact form and for a quote or to plan your study.

Why choose Our Lab?

We are the UK’s leading Biomarker analysis laboratory.

Proven Reliability

The ARU Biomarker lab is well established in the heart of Cambridge, UK. Our lab has been providing biomarker data for research since 2005.

Simple Data Collection

Saliva and Hair collection is minimally invasive, safe, quick pain-free and can be performed with brief training. Both can be posted to the lab for analysis.

Full Support

Our staff are highly qualified and published researchers. We can help with study design, grant applications, ethics application and data collection.